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Yamato The Touch of Ice Fantasy Figure Gallery Statue Review

Yamato USA continues their collaboration with renowned fantasy artist Luis Royo to bring us the Yamato Touch of Ice as part of their Fantasy Figure Gallery line of statues. This is Yamato’s second Luis Royo release following the incredible and highly sought after Medusa’s Gaze figure, so it certainly has a lot riding on its shoulder to deliver the goods given the incredible first release.

The first thing you will notice when you receive the box is that it’s small, much smaller than the Medusa’s Gaze statue. This figure stands only 6 inches tall in the crouched position. The scale is unfortunate since you really cannot display this figure with the first release and expect to have any sort of uniformity in your display due to the large discrepancy in sizes. Unfortunately, the Luis Royo line is all over the place when it comes to scale, with 1/4 scale resin pieces to 1/6 and 1/8 scale PVC figures (as is the case here). Yamato should stick to the 1/4 scale for resin statues and eliminate one of the scales in the PVC line and call it a day for the sake of uniformity.

The statue ships in a clear windowed box that allows you to peer inside and inspect the beauty within. The back side of the box has photos the original Luis Royo artwork alongside the final product for comparison. One side of the box has product photos of other Fantasy Figure Gallery releases while the other has a full-sized photo of the final statue. The statue ships in one complete piece with the only required assembly consisting of placing the sword in the hand of this gorgeous maiden and then placing her on the included base. The statue sits freely on the base and does not attach to it in any way. The one thing I was concerned about when I first saw this statue was the balance because of the pose as I’ve run into such an issue with the Yamato Tsukasa’s Bullet release, I am glad to say this figure balances perfectly and won’t be tipping over in any shape or manner.

The figure sculpt is of extremely high quality. I have to hand it to Yamato for their outstanding craftsmanship when it comes to these fantasy figures; they are truly top-notch pieces of art. The flowing hair is intricately detailed, the attention to small details throughout the entire statue is quite obvious from the highly detailed sculpted clothing, the accessories, and jewelry that our maiden adorns, to the swords and everything in between. The face sculpt is of good quality and looks quite similar to the original Royo illustration when viewed from a side profile.

The paint application on this statue is excellent throughout. The figure features realistic flesh tones. The clothing consists of earth tone browns and greens which are complemented by bright metallic colors on parts of the clothing and accessories. The statue features painted on tribal tattoos which are extremely well executed and very cleanly applied without any smearing or messiness. You’ll be hard pressed to find a flaw in the paint application. The only minor complaint I have is in regards to the eyes which for some reason left me yearning for a livelier expression as they appear a bit lifeless and when looked at straight on also appear to be a bit too far apart.

The statue ships with a basic round plastic base which has a small metal plaque with information about the statue. The base itself is unremarkable and quite plain beside the metal plaque. The statue also ships with a certificate of authenticity and a small 5×7 artwork of the original illustration by Mr. Royo printed on card stock. My Certificate of Authenticity indicates that my statue is the Second Edition release of this figure.

Overall, this statue is a lovely piece that would have been more impressive had it been on a larger scale. The scale fragmentation in the Fantasy Figure Gallery statues hurts this line.

Overall, this statue is a lovely piece that would have been more impressive had it been on a larger scale. The scale fragmentation in the Fantasy Figure Gallery statues hurts this line. I hope Yamato starts addressing this and sticking to a single scale, as it’s been a frustrating experience from a collector’s point of view getting into this line with all the different and fragmented scales. The only other issue I have with this statue beside scale is the issue above with the eyes when looked at head-on. If you plan on displaying this piece with a side profile, as in the original illustration, this won’t be as noticeable an issue.

This statue is long sold out from the normal channels but can still be found for some hefty prices on eBay and Amazon. Be sure to think hard about this piece before you make the plunge and make sure you have a place for it in your collection. If you own the long sold out Royo “Black Tinkerbell” statue which appears to be of similar scale, then this might be a good companion. Otherwise, if you are planning on getting Royo’s “Dancer of Pain” which is in the works and appears to be the same scale as this figure, then you will have a companion for this piece for a reasonable price as well.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

  • Lovely Concept by Luis Royo
  • Great Sculpt and Paint Application
  • Intricate Tribal Tattoos
  • Scale Fragmentation in Fantasy Figure Gallery Hurts This Line of Statues
  • Eyes Could Have Been Better
  • Very Boring Base
Packaging - 7
Scale & Subject Matter - 6
Sculpt & Fitting - 9
Paint Application - 9
Swap-Out Parts & Accessories - 8
Overall Value - 7

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