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Yamato Creators’ Labo Tsukasa Bullet Compact Hog Review


Yamato USA brings us a statue from its Creators’ Labo line based on Japanese artist Tsukasa Jun’s Bullet publication. Introducing the Yamato Creators’ Labo Tsukasa Bullet Compact Hog statue. For those who are unfamiliar with Mr. Jun’s work, he started as a doujinshi artist for Kacchu Musume which published adult doujinshi titles; he then followed up on his success by contributing character design to video games. He’s even had a self-titled hardcover book Tsukasa Bullet: Tsukasa Jun Original Illustration Book which is long sold out and is going for outrageous prices over the internet.

Yamato has produced some high-quality adult themed statues that feature nudity or provide removable clothing options. Their collaboration with Mr. Jun to bring his illustrations to the statue medium is a natural fit since most other companies would shy away from adult subject matters, so it’s great that Yamato is stepping in and filling a gap in the market to satisfy the needs of collectors of adult-themed statues.

Yamato delivers the Compact Hog statue in the same pose as the original illustration by Mr. Jun. The figure is sculpted crouched down on both knees in a pose that is more suitable for an exotic dancer than for an ass-kicking girl wielding a gun, yet with that said, the pose does serve the purpose of allowing the artist to show off the figure’s best assets. The head sculpt is both cutesy and sexy at the same time with the female character sporting long blonde hair that hangs freely to her side and back. The character is portrayed in a fetish looking shiny outfit that draws inspiration from both S&M and Sci-Fi themes. The top is low cut and tight fitting leaving our character’s breasts tightly squeezed and showing off an ungodly amount of cleavage. The top has a Sci-Fi looking harness and shoulders that look cool but serve no apparent purpose. The bottom part of the suit consists of only a leather G-String that comes fully equipped with a detachable tail plug; the G-String does a great job of highlighting the figure’s other asset with round bottom that is sure to draw lots of attention. Additional outfit accessories include long PVC and leather boot that have a gun holster harnessed to the right boot and additional clips for the gun harnessed to the left. Both boots are secured to the belt around her waist using Sci-Fi looking garter belts. Of course, no fetish outfit is complete without long gloves, and this statue delivers. The head is protected with a helmet that is equipped with a display plaque reading “Tsukasa Bullet. The character is equipped with a pistol “The Compact Hog” hence, the name of this piece, that ships detached and is placed in her right hand when she is ready to be displayed.

Yamato has done a great job translating this statue from an illustration to a 3D medium. This figure is one of those statues that will draw your eyes and command attention inside a display case due to its overabundant sex appeal. The curves, both on top and bottom, the shiny and sexy looking outfit, and the pose all work in this statue’s favor. With that said, there are a couple of issues that we need to address. First, the neck appears to be slightly elongated and looks odd when looked at from certain angles. Second, the statue is supposed to be perched on both knees. However, I had a hard time keeping mine balanced with both feet on the floor. The statue is constructed from very high quality and HEAVY PVC which throws the balance of the statue off causing the right foot to be raised off the floor. I managed to get mine level by strategically placing one knee in the groove on the supplied base which leveled the character, but that also means I can’t position the character freely over the base without resorting to other tricks like a tiny amount of putty beneath the right boot.

This figure is one of those statues that will draw your eyes and command attention inside a display case due to its overabundant sex appeal.

Yamato provides a round clear plastic base for the figure that has Compact Hog engraved on it in large characters on the outer ring, Tsukasa Jun 2010 Yamato 2010 on the inner ring and Tsukasa Bullet is engraved right in the center of the base. The base isn’t anything special, but it serves its purpose by displaying the artist’s information and the product name. The statue stands approximately 7 1/4 inches tall in its crouched position and as I mentioned before, surprisingly heavy indicative of an extremely well-built PVC statue. Yamato ships Compact Hog in a clear plastic windowed box that allows you to peer inside and see the statue. The box has the original female character illustration on the back and an illustration of the Compact Hog gun on the side with Mr. Jun’s signature beneath it. This statue was released in 2010 and has an SRP of $154.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

  • Interesting & Sexy Subject
  • Great Sculpt and Paint Application
  • Very High Quality Materials; Heavy Statue
  • Boring Base
  • Does Not Adhere to a Specific Scale
  • Overpriced, But That is Typical for Adult Themed Pieces
Packaging - 8
Scale & Subject Matter - 7
Sculpt & Fitting - 9
Paint Application - 10
Overall Value - 6

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