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Sideshow Collectibles Elvira in Coffin Premium Format Review

Today we take a look at the Sideshow Collectibles Elvira in Coffin Premium Format Figure. This is Sideshow’s second Elvira statue with the first being another Premium Format Figure that was released back in 2008. Portrayed by Cassandra Peterson since the eighties till today, Elvira has been a sex symbol for many men growing in the eighties and nineties. Appearing as the hostess of horror TV shows and starring in her movie Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, she is famous for her black and revealing gothic gown which has a knack for enhancing her cleavage. Elvira continues to be a popular pop culture character today with merchandising spanning from comic books, to video games, to Halloween costumes to calendars.

As previously mentioned, this is Sideshow’s second entry into the Elvira statue realm. The first statue which was released in 2008 featured the buxom mistress in a more cartoony depiction which turned off many hardcore Elvira fans for being too comical in appearance. For all the fans who were turned off by that statue, Sideshow has released a Premium Format Figure that is sure to please with a much more realistic look that closely resembles Ms. Peterson’s look from the Elvira movie and TV shows.

The Elvira in Coffin Premium Format Figure is being released in two different versions, the regular version which has an edition size of 750 pieces worldwide, and the exclusive version which only has an edition size of only 250 pieces worldwide. With such a low edition size, the exclusive version is sure to be a highly prized and sought after collectible by Elvira fans. The only physical difference between the regular and exclusive versions is that sideshow adds a second swap-out right hand that allows you to replace the normal hand with a hand holding a dagger. Unlike many other Statue manufacturers, Sideshow has been great to its fans by releasing both the regular and exclusive editions of its merchandise for the same price instead of charging a premium as many others do. Sideshow’s pricing structure encourages collectors to order their merchandise rather quickly to get in on the exclusive editions before they run out.

Onto the statue, the Elvira in Coffin figure comes to us in the 1/4 scale. The statue stands approximately 20 inches high with the base. The statue is made of polystone and ships disassembled into ten individual pieces (9, if you have the regular edition), this thing is heavy folks, weighing in at about 18 pounds. The base which is made of one solid piece accommodates the heavy and large coffin by having a large insert groove towards the back into which the coffin slides into and sits laying at a tilted angle. Elvira’s body attaches to the Coffin through a magnetic groove on her left buttock that slides in and holds the statue firmly into place. A small cutout is made into the fabric in the back for the coffin’s attachment to slide through without damaging or wrinkling the rest of the fabric. The head, which is a separate piece, slides into another magnetic groove on top of the statue; Sideshow did such a good job with the head that the seam lines are almost invisible. The right hand which depending on your preference, either wielding a dagger or not, is attached to the right arm through a magnetic groove. You are also provided with four individual candles that need to attach to the statue’s base based on the color coding provided.

Once you have the statue put together, the final result is outstanding. Elvira is presented in a wonderful pose that has her sliding out of an upright coffin which is perched atop of a raised base with stairs full of burning candles and a large human skull towards the back. The Elvira figure itself is beautifully sculpted highlighting her curves and cleavage and staying true to the look and feel of the Elvira we are used to seeing on TV. The clothing consists of a mixture of decals for underwear, see-through fabric for the gothic gown and sculpted clothing to simulate the bra, garter belt, and stockings. Everything comes together for a final result that screams sexy. The paint application is excellent with lovely skin tones and beautifully painted eyes (no googly eyes here). The accompanying base and coffin go a long way to bringing this whole piece together and adding to the overall statue. The coffin itself is quite awe-inspiring to look at as it catches your eye with its deep, bold reds and contrasting black. The coffin has a raised bat emblem on the backside which looks awesome. I am glad to say that this piece does not appear to exhibit any of the issues sometimes seen when going from a prototype to production with bad paint jobs that ruin a wonderful sculpt or badly painted eyes.

I love this statue, it’s worth every dollar spent. The care and craftsmanship displayed in creating and bringing this piece to the fans is very obvious and Sideshow deserves a lot of credit for the final product.

As many may recall, when this statue was initially announced, it was supposed to ship around December 2012, it was then pushed back a few times until its final release in March. All I can say is that it was worth the wait. This statue is an outstanding piece of art that is a must-have for any Elvira fan. Add to that extremely low edition size for the exclusive version and the relatively low edition size for the regular version, and you have a collectible that will be extremely valuable down the line. I love this statue; it’s worth every dollar spent. The care and craftsmanship displayed in creating and bringing this piece to the fans are very obvious, and Sideshow deserves a lot of credit for the final product. If you are an Elvira fan, don’t wait, get it now before it’s sold out.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

  • Outstanding Sculpt Worthy of the Mistress of the Dark
  • Good Paint Application
  • Great Base and Coffin Design to Compliment the Statue
  • Mixed Media Put to Good Use, Especially the Night Gown
  • Ultra Exclusive Edition Size
  • Exclusive Swap-Out Could Have Been More Interesting
  • Use of Decal for Underwear
Packaging - 9
Scale & Subject Matter - 10
Sculpt & Fitting - 10
Paint Application - 10
Swap-Out Parts & Accessories - 8
Overall Value - 10

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