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Today we took a look at the Exclusive version of the Sideshow Collectibles Deadpool Premium Format Figure, which was announced last year and suffered a few production delays until its eventual arrival at my desk today. I’ll preface this review by mentioning that I have no attachment to this comic character, and I only purchased this statue because my son is a huge Deadpool fan, so this piece is for him but not before I get to review it!

Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, was introduced back in 1991 by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza as a parody of DC Comics’ Deathstroke, even going as far as playing off that character’s real name (Slade Wilson). The Deadpool alias was derived from the fifth Dirty Harry film “The Dead Pool.” The character’s personality has changed and evolved dramatically since his introduction as a serious and grim professional assassin. Disease, medical experiments, and events in his life molded his personality into what he is best known for today with his dark humor and schizophrenic tendencies, and unpredictability. Deadpool has been affiliated with different characters and organizations from the Marvel universe throughout his existence. From joining up with Cable to a brief stint with the X-Men, the character is all over the place, which keeps fans entertained by his story arc and the comic crossovers.

Sideshow has created humorous packaging for this statue. The box art is full of random scribbles and notes that go perfectly with this character. The front of the box has a drawing of Deadpool’s Y-shaped chest harness with a Deadpool emblem below it sitting on a brown belt. The sides are full of scribbles hinting at what is inside the drawn pouches on the belt, which continues by wrapping around to the back of the box with further humorous notes. I love the design of this box so much that I include photos of the packaging, which I don’t usually do in my reviews.

Opening the box reveals the statue in 9 individual pieces. You have the round base, which is surprisingly light and is surrounded by bullet shells around the outer edges. The base also features a shiny fingerprint prone Deadpool emblem. The hefty body comes next, connecting to the base using a peg and grove using the left foot and is held in place by its weight. Did I mention it was heavy? You have two right hands that attach to the body using a magnet and allow you to display the statue with either Deadpool holding an automatic pistol or his explosive chicken. The left hand, which attaches using a key, has Deadpool holding a scaled-down assault rifle. The Head sculpts, both excellent, connect through a  key and are held further in place using magnets. The last two pieces to this statue are the two Katanas, which slide into leather holsters behind Deadpool. The Katanas are sheathed and cannot be removed from their sheath.

The overall sculpt on this statue leaves me in awe. I have to say that the details on this piece are quite striking. Let’s forget everything else for a moment and concentrate on anatomy. The details that have gone into creating the muscles for this figure go a long way in showing off Deadpool’s physical prowess and are simply a work of art. The outstanding sculpt features a fully sculpted suit, which due to its tight-fitting nature, follows the contours of the muscles revealing the ripped body underneath. Small details such as crease marks on the suit, simulated seam marks where the red and black portions of the outfit meet, the sculpted leather straps around the boots, and the wrists complete a top-notch body sculpt. Dead pool ships with a metallic painted Y-shaped leather chest harness with pouches. The harness connects to the leather belt around his waist and which is where we have the Deadpool symbol prominently displayed at the front. This same harness has two holsters on the back to which the two Katanas slide into place. The leather belt around his waist contains multiple permanently sealed pouches, so don’t force them open. A dagger sits securely in a leather sheath tied to his right thigh while an additional set of leather pouches are attached to his left thigh using leather straps.

The statue ships with two interchangeable heads with two completely different personalities. You get a menacing-looking head sculpt that conveys anger and contempt with smaller black areas around the eyes while the other head sculpt is more comical with over-sized black oval regions around the eyes. The inclusion of two different portraits makes this statue shine as switching them out changes the look and the feel of the statue, giving you almost two different statues for the price of one. I prefer the menacing look as it just flows better with the ripped and body, but both heads are excellent and reflect Deadpool’s face in the comics.

A paint application can make or break a statue. I hate to say it, but the quality of paint application from Sideshow has been a hit or miss on some of their statues. I am glad to say that the paint application on this figure is outstanding. You can instantly tell that there was a great deal of care taken when applying the paint. Sure, it’s a two-tone black and red outfit, but it’s the details that take the paint application to another level. The red portions of the outfit feature a darker wash at the creases and muscle bulges while the black areas feature lighter areas giving this figure dimension, both colors have a matte finish. When it comes to accessories, the weapons are painted in gunmetal and have a metallic look while the explosive chicken is painted in primary yellow color with some orange and red for details.

My final thought on this statue is a disappointment, not because the statue isn’t any good, but because I didn’t get one for myself! I really can’t reiterate how good this statue looks in hand. While I am no Deadpool fan, I can appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that has gone into this statue. The fact that the final production piece lives up to the prototype’s expectations and knocks this statue out of the park. Deadpool might not have the same appeal as some of the other Marvel characters, but if you are a Deadpool fan or merely a collector who can appreciate a well-executed statue, then you owe it to yourself to give this statue a look. While the Exclusive edition is already sold out, you can still get in on the waiting list at Sideshow’s website, or you can buy the regular edition now if you don’t want the chicken. This statue exceeded my expectations in every way possible, and I have to end this review by saying I am jealous of my son for owning what is bound to be a highly sought-after collectible.

NOTE: There have been a lot of questions on the boards in regards to the positioning of the Katanas and if they go as far down as the prototype shows. The answer is yes; I chose to pose them higher so they can be seen better when photographed from the front.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

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