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Sideshow Collectibles Boba Fett Mythos Statue Review

Today we take a look at the fourth entry into the Sideshow Collectibles Mythos line with the release of the Sideshow Collectibles Boba Fett Mythos statue. The Mythos line has brought us three great statues so far, albeit with a few minor issues with a couple of the releases. With only one more confirmed entry into the line, I hope Sideshow continues this line as the Mythos statues have brought us some unique portraits of our favorite characters thanks to the freedom afforded to Sideshow to go outside the realms of the Star Wars canon.

The Sideshow Collectibles Boba Fett Mythos backstory is based on Fett’s bounty #239 in which he is hired to kill off a Bith who has upset quite a few people by making deals and breaking them, selling tainted product and letting so-called friends take the rap for his schemes. With the Bith hiring a small army to protect him, Boba is left with no choice but to bring out the big guns on this mission arming himself to the teeth in a bid to collect his reward.

As with other Mythos line statues, the packaging for this release is a thing of beauty. The front has both concept art and photo of the final statue beautifully displayed on the box with the sides displaying more concept art. The back is a close-up concept of Fett’s helmet with the Bounty #239 written underneath it. Continuing with the tradition started by the Mythos line, this statue ships with a Certificate of Authenticity that is found inside a beautifully printed concept art covered cardboard envelope. The Certificate features more concept art on one side with the details about the statue and the printed certificate on the other side.

Opening the packaging, we find that Fett ships in no less than eleven parts. You get two pieces for the base which is a unique feature to this statue where you have the round base hollowed out into which the rocky base on which the actual figure stands on fits. This decision was most likely done for packaging purposes as to be able to fit the base without having to resort to larger packaging. The rocky base has a groove into which Fett’s left foot slides into; the right foot sits atop the base. Another unique feature of this statue is that the body is split in half at the waist. You have the bottom portion which attaches to the base as described above and the upper part which connected to the lower part of the body using a magnetized peg and groove mechanism. The joint between the upper and lower body parts is seamless and cleverly hidden as it’s done around the belt which flaps over the upper portion giving the viewer the impression that the statue is made of one solid piece. The head attaches to the torso using another magnetized peg and grove and is a snug fit. You get two items that you can sling around Fett’s right shoulder, a blaster rifle that has a semi-flexible PVC strap with a small plastic peg that fits into a small grove on the shoulder.

The other accessory, which is a bonus and was never included in the photos or advertised, is a set of Wookie braids that are also made of semi-flexible PVC and merely fit around the shoulder in a snug manner. The only way to attach these is by separating the upper and lower halves of the statue as trying to install them while the figure is an exercise in futility.

Given that there are no assembly instructions included with this statue, I didn’t initially realize the Wookie braids also went around the shoulder until some forum members politely pointed me in the right direction. The jetpack attaches to the back of using a magnetized peg and grove and the last three pieces consisting of two left hands, one with a MASSIVE rifle, another with a small blaster pistol and a right hand with what appears to be a shotgun-esque looking weapon all attach using magnets. One thing I have to mention is that my helmet came with a broken antenna, the break was clean, so I was able to easily fixed with some superglue. The Antenna is made of plastic, and it appears that it can easily break off when handling the helmet, so caution is advised. One other to note is that the antenna is adjustable and can be erected or lowered depending on how you prefer to display the statue.

The sculpt on this statue is for lack of a better world, incredible. The details that have gone into this piece are amazing and remind me of the amount of detail that we saw with the Obi-Wan Kenobi Mythos statue. I am at a loss for words with how impressed I am with this sculpt and the amount of effort and skill that Sideshow put into this piece to bring such an amazing final product which looks just as good as the prototype photos. You have layers upon layers of clothing, cloak, accessories and armor pieces that mesh so well together that it gives the statue lifelike looks and is a testament to the skill that has gone into this sculpt. Boba Fett is armed to the teeth for this bounty, and the statue reflects this. There is no part of the figure that isn’t covered by some piece of weaponry or armored plating. One leg has a combat knife, arms have Fett’s signature arm accessories including the mini rocket launcher and grappling hook, the weapons he is carrying for this bounty are both impressive in appearance and size, and we can only speculate to the kind of deadly contraptions and weapons the pouches around his waist and belts hold. Additional details are found in the form of trophies like the lightsabers hanging around the back of the statue and the Wookie braids which sling around the shoulder. The sculpt is enhanced by battle damage details in the form of blaster holes and burn marks on the clothing, armor and cloak and jetpack. The base is a straightforward rock formation sitting atop a round lower base and is perfect for this statue.

This will be a centerpiece of many Star Wars collections and you if you haven’t ordered yet, you will regret once it’s sold out. 

I am happy to report that the paint application on this release is top-notch with beautiful browns and grays on the armor and clothing which are accentuated by small splashes of yellows and oranges to enhance some of the details. The green on Fett’s chest armor and helmet are riddled with painted-on scuff and blaster marks and add a sense of grittiness to the piece, and further help reinforce the dangerous and dirty job a bounty hunter undertakes. The weapons have a black and gun-metal finish and help add contrast to the statue by supplying some darker tones to contrast the lighter browns. I can’t find anything to complain about on the paint application as it’s done exceptionally well and it puts some of the simpler to paint Premium Format Figures from Sideshow to shame.

My overall impression of this statue is that it’s a must for any Star Wars fan. Beyond having an impressive sculpt and paint application, this statue screams “LOOK AT ME!”. It demands presence with its over-sized rifle, and it will certainly get it from anyone looking at it. This will be a centerpiece of many Star Wars collections and you if you haven’t ordered yet, you will regret once it’s sold out. I can’t find any faults in this release but if I had to nitpick (and I’m digging deep here to find something to nitpick at) is that the rock base is not a completely snug fit with the bottom base and allows for some wiggle. It is ultimately inconsequential since you wouldn’t be moving it anyway and it does not affect the look of the statue in any way or form. I commend Sideshow on another outstanding Mythos release, their best so far in my opinion and I give this statue a Perfect score. For those who are contemplating purchasing this statue, do keep in mind that this statue is taller than anything else you might own due to the over-sized rifle, so space considerations must be taken when it comes to finding a place to display it. Sure, you can display with the puny blaster pistol, but to indeed show off this statue, you need to view it with the huge rifle. The Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Mythos statue has an edition size of 2500 pieces and is only available for ordering from Sideshow Collectibles for $324.99.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

  • Great Packaging
  • Included Certificate of Authenticity
  • Incredible Sculpt
  • Good Amount of Accessories and Swap-out Parts
  • Great Paint Application
  • Great Price Point
  • 1/5 Scale, Might Not Fit Well in Everyone's Collection
Packaging - 10
Scale & Subject Matter - 8
Sculpt & Fitting - 9.5
Paint Application - 10
Swap-Out Parts & Accessories - 10
Overall Value - 10

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