Kotobukiya Poison Ivy Bishoujo Statue Review

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Today we review one of the most popular Bishoujo statues in Kotobukiya’s DC Bishoujo line, the Kotobukiya Poison Ivy Bishoujo Statue. The plant-obsessed sexy villain is one of Batman’s many enemies but has also been portrayed as his love interest in several comics setting up the scene for romantic tension between these characters. Dr. Lillian Rose, AKA Poison Ivy, was a promising botanist before her transformation into an eco-terrorist. Her criminal aspirations are made possible by her in-depth knowledge of plants and the innovative use of plant toxins and mind-controlling pheromones. Ivy’s look has varied dramatically throughout her long history in the DC Comics universe, appearing first in a green leaf-covered strap-less bathing suit to a much more revealing costume in her more recent appearances consisting of only strategically placed leaves and vines.

The Kotobukiya Poison Ivy Bishoujo statue portrays this sexy siren in her more traditional strap-less bathing suit outfit as opposed to her more modern look. The statue is sculpted based on an illustration by renowned Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita and is one of Kotobukiya’s most detailed statues to date and includes many elements that tie in together for a final product that does this iconic comic character justice.

Poison Ivy is displayed in a wide stance, her hand around her curvy hips with a slightly tilted head. Her bright red hair flows in the wind while a mutant plant at the base of the statue wraps its vines around Ivy’s legs giving the whole piece a very dynamic feel. The sculpting on this statue is top-notch, from Ivy’s curvy body to her hair; this piece does not disappoint. The head sculpt is perfectly proportioned and sports a to-die-for smile. The plant ties this whole piece together by complimenting this character perfectly and filling in the dead space in the lower half of this piece, which, without, would have left the lower part of this statue looking a bit bare since she is standing with such a wide stance.

The paint application is nothing short of perfection. Ivy’s green suit perfectly contrasts her green skin, and the bold red hair instantly draws you to her face and beautifully painted eyes. The hair is complemented by small details such as dark green leaves and white flowers, which not only add interest but again draw you to her face. The plant paint application is excellent and gives the impression of an organic living creature, which is brought even more to life by the fantastic texturing details on the plant vines.

The Kotobukiya Poison Ivy Bishoujo statue ships in a clear windowed box, allowing you to see the statue inside. Flipping the box around reveals the beautiful illustration work by Mr. Yamashita, on which the statue sculpt is based. The whole package comes together for a very professional presentation.

When this statue was first released back in 2011, it had a suggested retail price of $64.99. The statue has since long sold out from Kotobukiya, but a quick search of eBay and Amazon reveals that you can still get this statue for a reasonable price of around $85 to $90. I anticipate the price of this statue will rise quickly, judging by how much other popular Kotobukiya statues that have long sold out are going for nowadays. If you are in the market for this figure, don’t waste your time and grab it while it’s still reasonable.

I am incredibly pleased with how this statue turned out. It’s a fantastic piece of art that belongs in everyone’s collection and is my favorite Bishoujo statue yet. I cannot find a single fault with this statue; the outstanding sculpt and picture-perfect paint job make this a must-have piece for Bishoujo collectors. Kotobukiya has hit a home run with this release. Grab it before it’s gone.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

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