Kotobukiya Kitty Pryde Bishoujo Statue Review

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Today we take a look at Kotobukiya’s latest entry into the Marvel Bishoujo line, the Kotobukiya Kitty Pryde Bishoujo Statue. The mutant also is known as Shadowcat, first debuted in X-Men #129 as a highly intelligent 13-year-old who would become the youngest member of the X-Men. Her special powers allow her to become intangible and phase her body and others who maintain physical contact with her through solid materials. Kitty has a loyal alien companion, Lockheed, who appears in the form of a dragon. The two formed a psychic bond and are nearly inseparable. This statue is an exciting piece from Kotobukiya as it delves deeper into the Marvel universe beyond the main characters, which allows fans to collect some characters that other manufacturers might shy away.

The Kitty Pryde statue from Kotobukiya ships in the standard Bishoujo style packaging with a clear windowed box on the front. The original art illustration for Kitty by Japanese artist Shunya Yamashita who has illustrated all of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statues is displayed on the back of the box. Opening the box reveals a figure that is permanently attached to its black colored base and a loose Lockheed that you can connect to Kitty’s arm by wrapping its claws around her hands. This design does, however, also present an issue with Lockheed sitting somewhat loosely on her arm as he doesn’t form a tight grip around her arm but is just good enough to stay in place as long as you don’t keep moving or handling the statue.

The statue presents Kitty in both a playful pose. She is sculpted balancing on her left leg while kicking her right leg behind her pin-up style. Her body is slightly arched forwards, accentuating her bottom area. Her right arm is held up in a loose fist pose, which is different from the original illustration, which has her hand open. Her left arm is extended to allow for Lockheed to perch on it. The head sculpt is well done with big eyes and a small mouth, which is consistent with the Bishoujo style. With that said, I do have a minor issue with the way her mouth looks as it appears a bit odd. I can’t quite wrap my fingers around it, but the combination of the mouth sculpt and the way it’s painted makes her appear as if she has bunny teeth. The hair falls over her shoulder and her back and is playfully sculpted with swirls at the tips. Like some other statues from Kotobukiya, the hair does have a translucent quality that allows a bit of light to pass through it, which is an excellent feature with some of these Bishoujo statues. The Lockheed sculpt is a basic-looking with its wings erected, and its claws curled to allow it to attach to Kitty’s arms. There are some small details on Lockheed, such as overlapping skin, to convey its reptilian nature.

The paint application on this statue is top-notch. Kitty is presented in her classic yellow and dark blue, almost black, two-tone outfit. Her dark blue bodysuit features a glossy paint application that catches highlights and accentuates her curves. The yellow portions of the bodysuit, gloves, and boots are of a matte finish and do a great job of contrasting the dark blues giving this statue a pop of color. Kitty is provided with her X-Men belt, which is painted red with gold trim on the buckle. The only exposed skin on this statue is the face and features natural flesh tones. The eyes are typical Bishoujo style and are quite large with the brown irises having a glossy finish which catches the light. The hair is painted with a matte brown color, which, as mentioned before, has a translucent quality. The final element is Lockheed, who is painted all over with a multitude of purple shades with the only other colors being the white horn & teeth and the greenish-yellowish eyes.

I am pleased with how this statue turned out. It captures Kitty in a playful pose, and the paint application makes this statue stand out in your Bishoujo collection. The only complaint I have is the somewhat odd-looking mouth, which is more pronounced from certain angles than others. The translation of Mr. Yamashita’s illustration to a statue form, while not 100% exact, is exceptionally close and works very well. One thing I have to commend Kotobukiya on is their very high-quality control. The paint application is perfect and clean, and the sculpt shows absolutely no seam marks whatsoever; I only wish that other statue manufacturers take notice and follow suit. This statue deserves a place in any Bishoujo collectors’ collection.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

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