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Hot Toys The Avengers Captain America Review

Today we take a look at the Hot Toys The Avengers Captain America Collectible Figure, one of Marvel’s most iconic characters which are brought to life in a 1/6 Scale Figure thanks to Hong Kong-based Hot Toys which is responsible for some of the hottest movie based 1/6 Scale figures around. Captain America was introduced back in 1941 has had a colorful history within the Marvel universe. After being popular in the 1940’s as an iconic superhero perfected by an experimental serum in order to help the American war effort against the Axis in World War II, he waned in popularity in the 1950’s only to make a comeback in the 1960’s and on with his Silver Age revival as part of the Avengers.


The Avengers movie which was released in 2012 and immediately got to work. After releasing Nick Fury and Hawkeye, Hot Toys brings us Captain America based on Chris Evans’s portrayal of the character in the movie. Captain America is being released as part of the Hot Toys Movie Master Series (MMS) and is number 174 in this successful line of 1/6 Scale Figures.

Hot Toys’ The Avengers Captain America is Hot Toys’ third Captain America release in a short span of time, the first two being based on the Captain America The First Avenger Movie. I have to say the with every new release Hot Toys has set the bar higher and gotten the likeness of Evans closer to real and more accurate than before. The rescue version had its issues with the head sculpt. The First Avenger version that followed looked better, but Captain had a non-removable mask on, so you didn’t get a fully exposed head sculpt to look at. In this latest release, we get not one, but two head sculpt options, one masked and one fully unmasked, and I have to say, the unmasked version looks spot-on. It’s so good looking in fact that with some clever photography you can easily fool someone into thinking it’s a real photo of Chris Evans. The masked sculpt while good is still not 100% convincing, but the resemblance to Evans is there when viewed from certain angles, and it’s a step up in my opinion from the head sculpt that came with the First Avenger figure.


While we can sit and argue the head sculpts all day long and some people do on the forums (you know who you are), the one thing that we can all probably agree on is that the outfit that Hot Toys has put together for this figure is a piece of art. From the bold reds and the dark blues to the bright whites, this outfit is good-looking no matter which angle you view it from. Hot Toys has put a lot of attention to detail in this outfit matching the outfit worn in the film very closely from the off-center upper torso zipper and to the great looking boots and gloves, the outfit designers have put a lot of effort into this outfit. Though for all the high praise I have for the outfit, it’s both what makes this figure and unfortunately, it’s undoing. Allow me to explain, while no one can argue the craftsmanship put into this outfit; Hot Toys made the outfit extremely tight-fitting because they added some padding underneath the outfit to tighten the clothing which while looks good introduces its own set of problems. I have to say that this Action Figure gave me the most trouble in the posing department, and not for lack of trying. I tried so hard to get some reasonable poses out of him that the pant snap-in button broke. Hot Toys decided to use Velcro material around the pant zipper area which works fine to hold the pants together but decided to go with a tiny snap-in button on the pant buckle which if you try to pose the figure in any dynamic pose you risk breaking because the outfit is so tight around the figure. Another issue that was immediately made apparent was that this figure’s hand movement is greatly restricted by the rubber part of the glove that goes over the arm. While other figures give you a free motion with the hands, you are extremely limited with the pose-ability of the hand. My other posing complaint is around the shoulders; the outfit is so tight-fitting that the arm movements are restricted as well, and it took me quite a bit of effort to get something usable for the photos. My final complaint about the clothing comes in the form of the belt. The belt is supposed to be hooked by two small metal hooks to a couple of straps. The straps are two tiny threads which given any tugging action either by accident or through posing will most surely tear the tiny threads apart.

The Hot Toys The Avengers Captain America figure is supplied with a few accessories including two shields, one battle damaged, the other pristine and both look awesome.  The pristine one is a fingerprint magnet so you’ll constantly be cleaning it if you handle the figure. In addition to the pair of fisted hands you get with the figure, Hot Toys has included four additional left hands and three additional rights hands in varying poses. A hood that can be attached to Captain’s outfit is also supplied, though it uses the same tiny buttons found on the pants, so I didn’t bother using them in case they break. One nice surprise accessory was the inclusion of one of the weapons used by the aliens in the final battle scene. It’s a cool accessory that can be either attached directly to Captain’s arm by removing a hand and inserting the joint peg in the weapon or handled as an accessory carried by Captain by one of his open hand poses which fit around the weapon. As with all other Hot Toys figures, this one ships with a stand that has the Avengers logo on it and Captain America inscribed on a small plaque.

If you are spending $200 on a figure, you should be able to pose it without issues and without the figure starting to fall apart on you when you do so.

I’m torn about this figure, while I love the outfit and the unmasked head sculpt, I am disappointed with some aspects of the clothing, and I have major issues with the pose-ability of the figure. If you are spending $200 on a figure, you should be able to pose it without issues and without the figure starting to fall apart on you when you do so. The previous two Captain America figures are much more posable than this new figure. If you are a Captain America fan, Avengers fan, don’t mind your figures being posed in static poses or are a completionist, then go ahead and buy the figure being fully aware of its shortcomings. If posing your figures in dynamic poses is a must, be aware you will be running into a lot of frustration with this figure, and you probably won’t be able to get it to do the pose you had in mind. Overall, this is a solid figure with a few technical issues that hold it back from achieving perfection.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for this review.

  • Two Head Sculpts Included with Close Resemblance to Chris Evans
  • Great Looking Suit
  • Lots of Fun Accessories and Swap-out Parts
  • Good Value
  • Horrendous Posing Options
  • Outfit Prone to Being Damaged while Posing
Packaging - 8
Scale & Subject Matter - 10
Sculpt & Fitting - 6
Paint Application - 10
Swap-Out Parts & Accessories - 10
Overall Value - 9

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