Author: zalahmar

Big Superbowl Update

I hope everyone had a great Superbowl Sunday. I’ve been waiting on some replacement statues for Captain Marvel which had paint issues and Purgatori which had a week wing magnet. Both arrived safely last week and I spent this weekend creating the statue spins for your enjoyment for these two outstanding Sideshow statues. I’ve also thrown in a statue spin for the Kotobukiya Wonder Girl Bishoujo statue for good measure. I will also be bringing you a statue spin of the Sideshow Evil-Lyn Masters of the Universe statue on Tuesday, so keep an eye out for that! I hope you are finding these statue spins a useful tool in helping you decide when purchasing these statues. If you do, please comment on and rate the spin as your feedback is very valuable and highly appreciated....

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Sideshow Collectibles Purgatori Statue Spin

More Than Just Reviews brings you another statue spin. Today we present to you the Sideshow Collectibles Purgatori Statue spin. The crimson-skinned vampire goddess is presented in two separate spins, the Regular and Exclusive editions with the swap out hands. Unfortunately, our original statue suffered from a week wing magnet which caused it to fall out and break a talon on the wing. Sideshow’s excellent customer service was quick to fix the problem and provided me with a replacement statue and we are finally able to bring you these spins. While not a Premium Format, this statue is still...

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Sideshow Collectibles Captain Marvel Premium Format Figure Spin

More Than Just Reviews bring you our latest Sideshow Collectibles statue spin, the Sideshow Collectibles Captain Marvel Premium Format Figure Spin. Unfortunately, our original statue arrived with paint defects and it took close to 3 weeks to get a replacement hence the delay in posting this statue spin up. We’ve provided you with two statue spins, one with the regular portrait and another with the exclusive portrait. The Exclusive edition is already sold out, but if you are still interested in getting your hands on the Regular edition, then click on the link below to order it directly from...

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