The highly-anticipated Sideshow Collectibles Shaak Ti Premium Format Figure has arrived and we got our hands on the Exclusive version. This figure is probably one of the highest anticipated female Star Wars releases since Darth Talon back in 2010. This release also introduces a new light-up lightsaber technology developed by Sideshow so it will be interesting to compare it to the older lightsabers from previously released figures to see how the new sabers stack up.

Shaak Ti is a female Togruta Jedi Master who was vital to the Republic’s efforts in the Clone Wars from engaging in the Battle of Genosis to action in the First and Third battles of Kamino. She managed to survive Chancellor Palpatine’s Order 66 and escaped to the wilds of Felucia where she remained hidden with her Padawan Maris Brood for many years. She was eventually discovered by Darth Vader who sent his secret apprentice Starkiller to assassinate her. After a fierce battle, Shaak Ti was grievously wounded by Starkiller and threw herself down a Sarlacc Pit where she vanished in a flash of brilliant light.

The packaging for this release is serviceable and does not live up to the high standards set by the Mythos line. The statue ships in a black box that has a photograph of the actual statue on the front, sides and back, with some additional small screenshots of Shaak Ti from the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game which depict her final moments with Starkiller. Information about the Jedi Master is written on the back of the box to give you a brief overview of this character. The packaging in general has the same look and feel as the Star Wars sixth scale figure line from Sideshow and is meant to look similar to those releases.

Opening the box, we see that Shaak Ti ships with 8 individual statue pieces, a set of batteries and a power adapter for the light-up features. You get a heavy base which has a peg and hole mechanism for the body to attach to, this peg and hole also supplies the power to the statue to light up the lightsaber. The base also has 3 additional hole locations for 3 different spikes that attach to the base. Turning the base over reveals a small portrait of Shaak Ti drawn on the bottom with the edition size and statue number with a battery compartment sitting on the side. The body which is heavy, attaches to the base through the peg and hole mentioned earlier. I had a very nervous time taking the body out of the Styrofoam packaging as it was snug in there and you really don’t have any safe areas where you can grab on to the body and remove it without risking a breakage especially since the Lekku (tentacles) drop all the way down to near her waist, so be careful when you try to remove her. The final 3 pieces are the hands; two left hands, one with a hand curled into a fist, and another hand (Exclusive Version) holding Starkiller’s lightsaber, both of which connect using a peg and grove and given the slight upwards angle they connect to the body at, should stay in place without the fear of falling out. The right hand connects to the body using an electronic connector which acts as the peg which slides in the groove in the arm. This hand holds the light-up lightsaber and given how long the connector for the light-up effect is and the snug fit, I have no concerns about this hand falling out either.

The Shaak Ti sculpt is brought to us by the incredible Mark Newman. You are all familiar with his amazing work on Poison Ivy, Vampirella and Storm Premium Format Figures to name just a few and this sculpt is no exception. The statue features a curvaceous and sexy looking Togrutan female figure that gives Sideshow’s best female Star Wars figure, Darth Talon, a run for her money. The sculpt features Shaak Ti standing at the ready with her saber by her side, ready for an encounter. The sculpt also features sculpted on clothing which are seen in the form of the v-shaped chest piece and the underwear with additional sculpted details in the form of wrappings around the right leg and harnesses and belts around the waist and torso. The figure is a mixed media statue so you get a couple of pieces of leather and fabric with this statue including a leather wrap around the waist which covers the sculpted underwear and piece of fabric which attaches to a plastic silver-colored accessory around her waist. The fabric attached to this aforementioned piece contains small hidden wires allowing you to shape and conform the fabric to your liking and helps give the statue some momentum. The last piece of fabric is around the left leg in the form of glued on bandages which while are not adjustable and are hardened, still retain their rough bandage texture. The hands are well sculpted though I do wish the regular left hand did something more interesting than just being curled into a fist. The base features a rocky looking base with a couple of bones of deceased animals native to the planet Felucia and a few spikes rising from the ground. As with most Newman sculpts, the head sculpt on this figure is outstanding and features intricate details around the eyes and forehead with simulated beads and jewelry around Shaak Ti’s face. The Togrutan Montrals (horns) and Lekku (tentacles) are expertly sculpted with two of them draping down over her shoulders and extending all the way down to around her waist while a third Lekku drapes and curls around her back-and reaches down to right above her buttocks.

I’m afraid to say that while the paint application on this figure is pretty well done, it’s not perfect which has been a recurring issue with some of the Sideshow releases of late. The entire figure besides the head is painted with a single reddish color with a few white accents around the thighs and arms as this figure is scantily dressed revealing a lot of red skin. The bandages around the legs vary in shading from brown to grey and are generally well executed with appropriate darker shades for the grooves giving them a three-dimensional look. The sculpted-on clothing pieces also feature shades of brown and are generally monochromatic. The real color palette is around the head sculpt with its creamy white colors contrasting the red and further accented by golden colors on the sculpted-on beads and jewelry. The colors do a great job of pulling the viewer towards the face. The Togrutan Montrals and Lekku feature a white and bluish finish that help improve the statue’s color palette and add interest to the overly red statue. There were a few paint issues with my statue from small golden color splotches on the face to black splotches on the right saber wrist and there are a couple of stray brown brush strokes on the skin where the clothing meets the body. One area that does look sloppy are the exposed feet, especially the right one. They are painted with browns on top of the reds to try and simulate muddy feet, but the right foot is way too shiny and glossy compared to the rest of the body which just looks odd and somewhat reminds me of the Darth Maul Mythos statue with a matte finished body and glossy face. My biggest issue however is with the right eye where a stray white brush stroke goes right through the iris, it’s not very noticeable at first glance, but if you do stare at the face, you will notice something is off, you’ll eventually realize that the problem is in the eyes. The defect could have been easily fixed had the person applying the paint taken an extra two seconds of their time to clean it up, but as it stands, I’ll probably have to fix it myself which is risky proposition trying to match the paint color. My final thoughts on the paint are that it’s pretty good but not as cleanly applied as the recently released Deadpool, this release reminds me more of the Poison Ivy paint issues some people, including myself, saw. Additionally, this statue is missing some the Oomph that you see on other statues like Darth Talon and the recently released Deadpool and it’s probably related to the fact that the figure is mostly one toned with only a few areas of color to add interest.

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, this statue features new lightsaber light-up technology that is being introduced for the first time with this statue. When the statue was first announced, it didn’t have any light-up features so this comes as a nice bonus for those who ordered her and a great move by Sideshow by giving collectors more value for their money. The only light-up lightsaber I have to compare this new saber to is the one that shipped with my Aayla Secura figure and while I thought it looked cool, it just didn’t have enough lumens to really wow you. This new saber is the complete opposite, it is BRIGHT, and I mean really bright and it really compliments this figure and makes it stand out. It’s so good in fact that Sideshow really needs to make a mandatory accessory on all future Jedi releases. The statue can be powered by either a power adapter and cord or 3 AA batteries which is perfect depending on your display needs.

So how does this statue stack up against other female Star Wars statues? I still think that Darth Talon has the edge over this statue, light-up saber or not. With that said, I feel this statue is better than the recently released Aayla Secura statue. My dream statue would be a combination of Darth Talon with the light-up sabers from this release as that would look pretty bad-ass. The Shaak Ti statue is a well-executed statue with some minor paint issues (other people on the forums have also reported paint issues of varying degrees as well so it’s not an isolated case) that will make a great addition to any Star Wars fan. I don’t think this statue will reach the same status as Darth Talon, but it will surely come in a close second. The Sideshow Exclusive version of this figure is sold out, but you can try to get on the waiting-list here. You can still purchase the regular edition of this statue which comes without the Starkiller lightsaber swap out hand for $349.99 by clicking the banner half way down the review.

I don’t think this statue will reach the same status as Darth Talon, but it will surely come in a close second.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of this review.