Today we take a look at one of Kotobukiyas earlier Bishoujo statues, the Kotobukiya Scarlet Witch Bishoujo Statue. Wanda Maximoff, better known as the Scarlet Witch, is the daughter of Magneto, and twin sister of Quicksilver. While Hollywood has given her the blind eye when it comes to super hero movies, she has a very long history in the Marvel universe spanning decades of appearances in Marvel comics.

Kotobukiya started the Bishoujo Marvel line with Rogue and Black Widow, with Scarlet Witch being the third release in this line. The initial releases of the Marvel Bishoujo statues were sculpted in the 1/8th scale which were later changed to the 1/7th scale on their newer figures. If you plan on displaying this statue among other Bishoujo statues, you’ll need to keep in mind that the statue will appear notably smaller compared to the newer offerings in the line.

The Kotobukiya Scarlet Witch statue design was conceptualized by Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Matsumoto Koei. The beautiful concept artwork done by Mr. Yamashita is boldly displayed on the outside of the windowed box that the statue ships in. Wanda is displayed in a flying pose with a seductive gesture of having a finger close to her lips. The flowing cape acts as a base for the statue which works, though I would have loved to see some sort of clear plastic stand to truly hold her and her entire cape levitated off the ground. The costume sculpt is excellent and closely matches the Scarlet’s Witch look in the comic series and the head sculpt is excellent with a very soft look keeping true to the Bishoujo style.

The paint application on this statue is quite good with a shiny ruby red color used for the costume, and a pinkish tone on the arms and legs to simulate the stockings she wears in the comics. The Face paint is well done with great flesh tones and bold green eyes.

Overall, this statue is very well done and deserves a place on your shelves if you are a fan of the Scarlet Witch or a completionist and want to own every piece of the Bishoujo line. Some collectors will probably shy away from this statue because of her lesser prominence compared to other Marvel characters, but that actually plays in your favor if you want to purchase this statue. For even though this was released back in 2010, you can still pick her up relatively close to retail price online from Amazon or eBay whereas some of the other statues that came before or after her are much pricier and harder to find now.

The statue does suffer from some faint seam lines. The most glaring seam areas are underneath the arm pits and don’t detract from what is overall a great statue. If you are a Scarlet Witch fan, you owe it to yourself to add this statue to your collection.

This product was purchased by the reviewer and was not provided by the manufacturer for the purposes of this review.